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Who'd Want to Leave Cool Nets?

Here's one thing we know about this summer: the Nets are cool. In the past, they were the Knicks' red-haired stepchild. Not anymore. Their top player is leading an lockout exodus to Europe, their two free agents are deeply in love with international celebrities and their owner just decided to challenge Russia's power-mad leaders.

And we haven't even mentioned the Taj Mahal in Brooklyn! So, when True Hoop asked a round table of bloggers if they thought the Nets would retain Deron Williams after the lockout, all five agreed: this is the place.

As True Hoop's Henry Abbott writes, "The reasons not to play for the Nets have been because they have a lackluster crowd, a swampy location, small-time ownership and a lame brand. But all of that has changed. They'll be in a fantastic market with a moneybags owner and loud fans. Not to mention they'll have cap space to bring in more big guns. Who'd leave that?"