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No Season: How Big a Risk for Nets?

Rob McLaren is no longer Deron Williams agent and no one knows why he was dumped but back in May he told the Times that he and D-Will had discussed various options re the Nets, including opting out at the end of next season and simply playing the last year of his contract in 2012-13...and make $18 million.

Of course, the other option is, well, opting out of that final year and becoming a free agent.  Williams told Chris Broussard this weekend that he has not yet decided whether he will opt out.  It all depends on the final form of the new CBA, he said (as he has said for months).  One thing is likely, however: getting a new contract as lucrative as his old one will be difficult if not impossible.

Still, many pundits think that he's likely to opt out and set in motion a doomsday plan for the Nets.  Before then, of course, the Nets will have an opportunity, as will 29 other teams, to improve their roster.