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Arena Roof Moves Fast Across Court; Barclays Center To Get An Address?

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

No lockout here. The latest imagery from Barclays Center shows two roof cross beams being rapidly erected across the 350 foot length of the arena, the first stage in enclosing the facility.  As the image shows, two cross beams, or trusses, are being put in place by workmen atop a set of temporary towers, the first of several to be built on the arena floor.

As noted by Bruce Ratner earlier in the week, the roof should be complete by "the winter".  According to the arena timetable, the steel decking should be in place by January 6, the actual roofing five weeks later. Meanwhile, signs posted along the periphery of the arena construction site suggest Barclays Center's address will be 620 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217.