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Barclays Center Roof Raising Begins; Arena To Be Enclosed by January

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Supports for the first of two 350-foot long roof trusses are going up at the western end of Barclays Center, the first step in enclosing the arena, a process that will take a little more than six months.  Barclays Center's distinctive arched roof will be held up by the trusses --the beams-- spanning the long direction of the arena in downtown Brooklyn.

Designing the specialized equipment needed to erect such a long roof truss presented "some structural challenges", according to Thornton Tomasetti, the arena engineers.  Because the last residents to leave the arena footprint were located at the eastern end of the site, work on the roof will proceed west to east. The steel decking for the roof is expected to be completed by January and the actual roofing late in February.