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Ford: Nets Like West, Nene in FA

As the lockout clock drew close to midnight Thursday, Chad Ford posted his latest free agent watch, which suggested Nets' interest in Tyson Chandler, Nene, David West and Marcus Thornton.  Of the four, Ford seemed to be saying the Nets' greatest interest lies with Nene and West.

Calling this year's class the worst in a long time, Ford said of Nene, "If the Nuggets won't come through with a new deal, other teams, including the Nets and Pacers, may be willing to give him even more on the open market." Similarly, in his chat Wednesday, he listed the Nets first among four Nene suitors.  Of West, he wrote, "The Hornets, Nets and Pacers will all make a run for his services".

Ford wrote Chandler is likely to stay with the Mavs, "but a few other teams such as the Nuggets, Nets and Pacers could also be in the mix." Of the four, only Thornton, an athletic 6'4" shooting guard, is restricted and Ford reports that teams like New Jersey, Minnesota and Denver would be willing to take a shot.  Ford didn't list Kris Humphries as a top free agent.