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With No Brooks, Nets Look at Bigs and Athletic Guards

Marshon Brooks had to drop out, his ankle still bothering him. So the Nets' final workout Thursday featured two bigs, 7-footer Nikola Vucevic from USC and Justin Harper, the 6'10" combo forward out of Richmond, along with three athletic guards, Kansas' 6'3" Josh Selby, 6'3" Shelvin Mack out of two-time NCAA runner-up Butler; and 6'2" Dukie Nolan Smith.  Florida State's Derwin Kitchen, a 6'4" shooting guard, filled in for Brooks.

“He’s a basketball player,” Billy King said of Selby. “He just knows how to play. You find these guys from New York or Baltimore that just have a feel for playing basketball. They just know how to get things done, get to the bucket."

Although Vucevic's shot seemed off, the Nets' Ben Couch reports, the center showed good touch around the basket and on jumpers. He wrote, "Harper banged ably, despite giving up 30-ish pounds and a few inches to his opponent, while showing off the long-range shot he developed during a breakout senior season".