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Nets' Springfield Move Forces Knicks Into D-League Catch-Up Affiliation

Springfield Armor
Springfield Armor

The Springfield Armor is very much into its affiliation with the Nets.  On June 23, the team is sponsoring a Draft Party at a restaurant across the street from the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. 

"We’ll be paying special attention to our new exclusive NBA affiliate, the New Jersey Nets, who will be selecting 27th (1st round) and 36th (2nd round) in the draft," the Armor note. "We could be seeing some future Armor players selected on June 23rd!"

The Nets deal also had implications for the Knicks. The two teams, along with the 76ers, had been aligned with the Armor but didn't have much to do with them. Local ownership was left in charge of basketball operations and the team didn't share much with any of its NBA partners.

Then, after Bobby Marks persuaded his bosses to lay out some cash and become the Armor's sole NBA affiliate, the Knicks had to find a new D-League partner...and change their thinking.  They followed the Nets' example this week and have entered into a hybrid relationship with the Erie Bayhawks, taking over basketball operations and naming Allan Houston as the team's GM.

The Nets are interviewing coaches for the two top jobs in Springfield, hoping to have them in place by the Draft.  GM duties for the Armor are likely to handled out of the PNY Center in East Rutherford.