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King's Trigger Finger Itchy?

As a 76ers executive, King made 14 Draft Day trades from 1998-2007 that involved picks. On three of them, he made three deals 2002, 2006 and 2007.  Since becoming Nets GM, he's been among the most active NBA executives, with four trades, including arguably the best one at the trade deadline.

He's hinting he might be ready to go again. "You never know. We may do something, too," said King Wednesday after a draft workout. "You never know." He was answering a question about why the Nets are bringing in players likely to be taken higher than #27 and #36. First four days of this week, the Nets will be looking at Josh Selby, projected at #16 in ESPN's latest mock; Marshon Brooks, projected at #18m; and Nikola Vucevic, projected at #23.  Draft Express has Kyle Singler as high as #24; and Iman Shumpert at #22.

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone reports the Nets are not concerned about Deron Williams' agent switch, noting "King has has a good relationship with Rose. Remember, the two had many dealings concerning Allen Iverson when King was in Philadelphia. King also dealt with Rose during the Carmelo Anthony trade discussions."