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Hoping for Hoops, Happy with Hockey

We've written about Popeye Jones' son, Seth, before.  At 16, he is one of the top hockey defensemen in the USA Hockey, a likely first round pick in the 2013 NHL draft and future Olympian. Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports writes about how Seth and his two brothers told their father they wanted to play hockey, not hoops, and about how Popeye reacted.

It's also a story about how the Nets assistant has had to balance life as a father with life on the road. One element in making the balance work: Hoop1, a video company that's got an office at the PNY Center. "The company can make a DVD of any game that has been televised anywhere and it found many of Seth’s games for Popeye," writes Carpenter. When they found Seth's games, they'd leave DVD's on Popeye's desk to watch later.

"I still think he'd make a great basketball player," says his father, somewhat wistfully.