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Chance Meeting with Little Girl Leads to Commitment from Nets' Billy King

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Back in 2002, when he was still GM of the 76ers, Billy King went to a little girl's fund-raiser in Philly to make a donation. It changed his life, gave him inspiration, even provided him with a name for one of his daughters, Alex.

Alexandra Scott, then 6, had captured the hearts of Philadelphians when she opened a lemonade stand outside her home to raise money to help cure the disease that had ravaged her young life, neuroblastoma. The money would go to doctors to "help other kids, like they helped me."

Even after leaving the Sixers, spending two years out of the NBA and then returning as Nets GM, King still hasn't forgotten Alex, who died at age 8 in 2004. Recently, working with Chris Brahe, he convinced Volvo and Steiner Sports to help them with a unique piece of sports memorabilia, signed some of the NBA's greats. Tara Sullivan of the Record describes King's journey with Alex's memory...and her foundation's success: $40 million raised and 150 research projects funded.