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Scouting for Springfield

The Nets held a workout Monday for a group of prospects who, truth be told, aren't first round or even high second round material...and then the best prospect, who has talent but red flags, had to drop out because of injury.  So what's a GM to do? Think Springfield!

"Some of these guys we brought in to be (training) camp invitees, possibly for a D-League roster," said Billy King, calling the Armor option an added plus. "Maybe they're not for our draft, but maybe for the D-League late October, November."

The prospect who the Nets most wanted to look at, Baylor's LaceDarius Dunn, was on the sidelines wearing a boot because of ankle injury. Dunn, a career 39.4% three point shooter, was suspended from Baylor after being arrested on domestic abuse charges that were later dropped. Said King of Dunn, "He's got a lot of the tools to a great player in this league."