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Nets as Russian Campaign Issue?

Mikhail Prokhorov has said it before, of course, but now it's part of his campaign rhetoric: his vow to use his ownership of the Nets to improve training in Russia.  In a widely televised interview on Russia's most popular political talk show, Prokhorov pledged to improve the training of Russian youth not just in basketball but in all sports.

"I promised that within four years we will become NBA champion," said the head of Pravoe Delo and principal owner of the Nets.."But there is also a social problem here: we are very much behind in the training of athletes in team sports. I want to bring NBA technology to our basketball student".

Meanwhile, people close to Prokhorov sought to allay concerns among Nets fans that his resignation as president of Onexim would have an effect on the team. Prokhorov, they note, owns the Nets through Onexim Sports and Entertainment, which is separate from Onexim Group and is directly owned by him.. So, the management of the Nets is in no way affected by his resignation as President of Onexim Group.