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Bucher: Nets Ideal for D-Will, D-12

In a discussion between Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard on the best landing spots for the top free agents of 2012, Bucher believes the best team for Deron Williams and Dwight Howard is the Nets

Writes Bucher: "If Howard is going to leave Orlando, the New Jersey Nets are the best team for him to join because he can put an indelible stamp on that franchise simply by: A. Choosing them over gaudier destinations and, B. Winning a single championship."

Similarly, he argues that it's best for Williams to stay with the Nets and "being a founding father of success for the franchise's Russian-owned, Brooklyn-based era. Whatever accomplishments he has with the Nets would be far more appreciated there than just about anywhere else."

Broussard? He likes the Knicks for D-12 (of course) and thinks the Nets could get some fine value for D-Will.