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Nets Continue to Score High in NBA Analysts' Draft Grades

Two very different analysts are giving the Nets high Draft grades,  David Aldridge,'s veteran analyst puts the Nets in his "head of the class" category, the only one of nine teams in that group without a pick in the top 25. Dave Berri, stats geek at Wages of Wins Journal, gives the Nets an "A", best in the Atlantic.

Both liked how the team was able to parlay relatively low picks into a good haul. "From the back end of the first round, the Nets did quite well," writes Aldridge, who likes all three and calls Bojan Bogdanovic "a real comer" who could have value either as player or trade asset.

Berri uses college and international stats in assessing how prospects will perform in the NBA. Focusing on MarShon Brooks and Jordan Williams (who he rates higher), he writes, "Both players are excellent prospects, and both play positions that the Nets need to improve. Now all that New Jersey needs to do is to make sure that they resign Kris Humphries-Kardashian, and they should be in the running for most improved team."