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In Interview, Prokhorov Says Title Is Still His "Clear Plan" for Nets

Sounding very much like the principal owner of the Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov told an interviewer Monday that his plan to turn the Nets into NBA champions is still his goal, even with his political aspirations garnering most of the headlines.

Egor Piskunov of Russia Today asked what his plans are for the Nets in light of his new ambitions. Prokhorov replied,  through a translator, "The team will be consolidating. We have a clear plan, and we are not going to give up this plan that I have announced time and again, that within four years we will become champions."

Prokhorov addressed his political future in the televised interview and discussed his positions on various issues. He  resigned Tuesday from the chairmanship of ONEXIM.

Also, in an interview with Chris Carrino, Prokhorov's sports adviser Sergey Kushchenko said while the Nets have made strides this season, "only a title" matters.