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Sharapova Breezes, Vujacic Cheers

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The Times described their relationship this way on Tuesday: "Sharapova and Vujacic have a telepathy usually seen in old, married couples, never mind that they have yet to set a wedding date."  Increasingly, as Maria Sharapova breezes through Wimbledon, that telepathy and that love story are gaining ever more attention.

Sasha Vujacic is everywhere: He feeds her balls, "bouncing them to her as if feeding a jump shooter in stride", reports the Times. He cheers her from the family box, "a very vocal supporter", according to the BBC. And after her wins, Tuesday's again in straight sets, the Times notes, "Vujacic walks a few paces behind her, exchanging smiles and hellos and handshakes with players, trainers, coaches", proud of her success.

What's it about? "Being an elite athlete is something that’s hard to explain if you haven’t done it," he said. "It obviously helps that he’s an athlete and understands the perspective and the mind-set going into matches and being an athlete," she said.