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Personality Provides MarShon Brooks With Reward..and Risk

Like Chris Douglas-Roberts, MarShon Brooks talks about the draft adding weight to the chip already on his shoulder, but unlike CDR, he also talks about being "scared" of being able to compete with NBA payers.  Like Derrick Favors, he arrives with tons of promise, but unlike Favors, Brooks isn't afraid to show off his personality. It's risk vs. reward, maybe high risk and high reward.

That personality is going to be key to the 22 (soon to be 23)-year-old's success.  "Let's just say during the draft process, I worked out really well," Brooks said when asked if he should have been drafted higher, subtly referencing a number of reports that he "killed" in Chad Ford's words players taken above him, including Alec Burks, taken at #12.

Will it work? It didn't for two other Nets prospects, Douglas-Roberts and Terrence Williams, but the Nets believe it will for Brooks, who after all may just be showing his Jersey side.