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Graham Still In, Wright Probably Out

In two moves to give them more flexibility in trades and the pursuit of free agents, the Nets have decided to extend their deadline on re-signing Stephen Graham and will almost certainly not give Brandan Wright a qualifying offer to make him a restricted free agent.

Colin Stephenson reports that the Nets have extended the deadline for deciding whether to guarantee Graham's $1.1 million contract for 2011-12. Previously, the Nets had until July 5 to make a decision. Now it's the day before the start of the season. The Nets also have the right to make a  $3.398 million qualifying offer to Wright, whom they acquired  in exchange for Troy Murphy but are not expected to do so, allowing Wright to become unrestricted.

By moving the Graham deadline forward, the Nets will be able to include Graham's non-guaranteed contract in an off-season trade but give his new team the option of waiving him before the season, instantly clearing $1.1 million in cap space.  By dumping Wright, they free themselves of his contract and increase their cap space. The Nets could, if they wanted, attempt to re-sign Wright, who had expressed a desire to return.