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Nets Hoping to Free Up Bogdanovic for Brooklyn Debut, Says King

The big news out of the Nets' press conference Monday morning was that while Bojan Bogdanovic has a three year deal with Euroleague powerhouse Fenerbahce -- and a two year player out -- Billy King said the Nets will try to get him out of his deal after next season...and into Brooklyn as a Net.

Bogdanovic, whose rights the Nets bought on Draft Night, appeared before the Nets media along with MarShon Brooks, acquired in a switch of first round picks with Boston, and Jordan Williams, taken at #36.  Williams made a little news himself.  He asked for and received No. 15, last worn in 2008-09 by Vince Carter, one of the team's most popular players ever. 

First thing on Brooks' mind when he was drafted by the Nets? Deron Williams. "I think it's going to make life a lot easier for a guy like me." The three were expected to meet Jay-Z later Monday and after that, Bogdanovic heads home while  Brooks and Williams travel to Santa Barbara for the same Peak Performance Project training the team's vets underwent earlier in the month.

It's uncertain when they will sign their Nets contracts. Although the Nets have their rights, they can't sign them to rookie contracts until a new collective bargaining agreement is negotiated. Under the current rookie salary scale, Brooks would be paid a little less than a million dollars excluding a signing bonus while Williams would get league minimum, less than $500,000, as second rounder.