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What Did Prokhorov Pay for Pick?

The official press release states that the Nets sent their 2013 second rounder and unspecified "cash considerations" to Minnesota in return for the Timberwolves' rights to Bojan Bogdanovic, the Croatian shooting guard who the team had wanted to pick up all Draft Night.

Normally, the price of a pick that high, first pick in second round, would be close to $3 million, the most a team can add to any transaction. In a weak draft (and with the lockout looming) it could have been less.  One team insider characterized Prokhorov's contribution to the evening as "a few" million. The MarShon Brooks trade didnt involve "cash considerations", according to that press release, just a switch of picks and the Nets 2014 second rounder going to the Celtics.

Twice before, under Prokhorov, the Nets have added $3 million to facilitate a trade: Last June, they sent $3 million to the Wizards to ease the Yi Jianlian salary dump. Then again at the deadline, they sent the Jazz a reported $3 million to complete the Deron Williams trade.  The team also laid out $635,000 in partial salary guarantees last summer.