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Billy King's Master Trade

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

It's unlikely (we think) that Billy King and Bobby Marks will make any last minute trades before the lockout. So, with his first anniversary as general manager rapidly approaching (July 14), we thought it might be interesting to look at his first year's work from a different perspective: just a simple what's been lost, what's been gained.

Call it the "master trade", the summation of the six trades he's turned since joining the team, a couple of free agent signings and the draft.  To recount, there was the four team deal last August 11 involving the Nets, Rockets, Pacers and Hornets; the three team last December 15 involving the Nets, Rockets and Lakers; the two deals at the February deadline involving the Nets and Jazz and Nets and Warriors and finally, the two Draft Night deals involving the Nets and Celtics and the Nets and Timberwolves.We've also included his three free agent signings (Stephen Graham, Sundiata Gaines and Mario West) and the Nets second round pick (Jordan Williams).

We've tried to simplify it by dealing with the end product (and not lay out Troy Muprhy's various journeys)

Nets Gain:

Stephen Graham (free agent); Sasha Vujacic (Lakers); 2011 Lakers first round pick, 1-18 protected (Nets > JaJuan Johnson); 2012 Rockets first round pick, 1-14 protected; Deron Williams (Jazz); $1.3 million trade exception; Dan Gadzuric (Warriors); Brandan Wright (Warriors); Sundiata Gaines (free agent); Mario West (free agent); MarShon Brooks (Celtics); Bojan Bogdanovic (Timberwolves); Jordan Williams (draft pick).

Nets Lost:

Courtney Lee (Rockets); Terrence Williams (Rockets); 2011 Warriors second round pick (Lakers > Darius Morris); 2012 Bulls second round pick (Lakers); Devin Harris (Jazz); Derrick Favors (Jazz); 2011 Nets first round pick (Jazz > Enes Kanter); 2012 Warriors first round pick, protected 1-7; Troy Murphy (Warriors, then Celtics); 2012 Nets second round pick;  Quinton Ross (waived); JaJuan Johnson (Celtics); 2013 Nets second round pick (Timberwolves); 2014 Nets second round pick (Celtics); at least $5 million in cash considerations.