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Workout Hints From Bogdanovic, Williams? Not Really.

Nets fans will get answers Monday when the team's three draft choices are asked how they felt about being picked by New Jersey. We went back to interviews two of them, Bojan Bogdanovic and Jordan Williams, gave after their workouts looking for hints. MarShon Brooks declined a Nets workout.

Bogdanovic did give hints about his feelings towards the Nets. He pointed to Drazen Petrovic's No. 3 hanging from the rafters. "When I saw the jersey of Drazen here, I was excited and happy," he said of his fellow Croatian. He has yet to say why he agreed to play for Fenerbahce just before he worked out for NBA teams but did give a hint.  "I was surprised," he said at NBA interest. "A lot of teams called me to come and do workouts. So I am surprised for sure."

Williams, who can be seen working against JaJuan Johnson in his clip, thought he might be picked, "20 to 30, 20 to 35". He was taken at #36. So he knew he was in the Nets range.  The 6'10" PF said he decided to stay in the Draft after starting his training regimen in Las Vegas and seeing "such drastic changes so quickly". There was a hint about Williams from Billy King. In his interview, King described J-Will as "more of a rebounder" than the other bigs in that day.