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How Loss of Forward, Coaching Flaws Led to Brooks' Opportunity

Kevin McNamara covers the Providence Friars for the local paper and was in Newark Thursday to see how local players, particularly MarShon Brooks, would do in the NBA Draft. At the end of the night, as Brooks was exiting the Prudential Center, he saw an old teammate, Jamine "Greedy" Peterson, who in spite of some solid workouts didn't make the cut.

For McNamara, there was an irony in the meeting. If Peterson, a 6'6" interior terror, hadn't been thrown off the Friars, and if the Friars hadn't had such poor coaching, Brooks might not be wearing that Nets cap and looking to sign a $3 million deal.  It was Peterson's loss and coach Keno Davis' "hands-off" style that led to Brooks' opportunity which he took full advantage of.