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Sasha To Masha: "Bravo" & Return

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Not much going on in the Kim and Kris thing --his future mother-in-law thinks Jockey would be wise to hire him as its spokesmodel-- but in Masha and Sasha news, it's all about Wimbeldon and Maria Sharapova says her recent success is due to the presence of her fiance, Sasha Vujacic . So there is some value in missing the playoffs.

On Saturday, he punctuated several of Sharapova's winners with shouts of "Bravo" and "Come on Maria." With him in the family box rooting her on, she hasn't lost a set this week. She says it's been tough on him, just as it was tough on her the last few years, watching him play in the NBA Finals.

"I've watched more basketball in the last couple of years than I have in all of my life, (and been) a lot more nervous in my life in those games that I've watched than I have been in my life," she says. ""We're competitive, so we're doing everything in order for me to win tennis matches."