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Avery Happy With Picks; Brooks Can Compete for Rotation, Says King

Avery Johnson spent Thursday at the PNY Center, 10 miles north of where David Stern (and Adam Silver) were calling out names of draft picks, a roll that included three Nets picks. Of particular interest to Johnson: one who no one thought would be available but showed up just as the Nets were about to pick.

The head coach pronounced himself happy with the results, focusing on MarShon Brooks. "We weren’t very athletic at the (shooting guard) position. We needed to get some guys who could run and jump, and shoot, and score and play defense. And we think he can do that."

Billy King added that while he'll be scouring the league for veteran free agents this summer, he expects that Brooks and Jordan Williams, will both have a chance to get minutes in the rotation. Brooks, he said, will "have an opportunity" to compete for playing time. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Bojan Bogdanovic worked out secretly for the Nets on Thursday morning.