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New Meaning of "Springfield Bound"

Springfield Armor
Springfield Armor

It's used to be that if a player was "Springfield bound", it meant they were Hall of Fame material since the hall is located in downtown Springfield, Mass., not far from where the game was invented by Dr. James Naismith.  For Nets draft picks Thursday, it may have a different meaning: they're Armor material.

Nets officials have not dismissed the possibility that their second round pick and even their first round pick if it's as late as expected could spend some time 150 miles north of Newark.

With the hybrid affiliation, meaning a team coached by Nets employees and running the Nets system, the front office is going to be more likely to send a player to the Armor.

And anyone who agrees to a training camp contract Thursday night or Friday morning has to be prepared to spend time in Springfield as well.  It's not about punishment.  It's about development.