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Young: Sixers Would Have To Match Another Team's Offer

If the 76ers were hoping for a hometown discount whenever free agency starts, Thaddeus Young ended that speculation Wednesday on Philly sports radio. He told ESPN The Fanatic that if gets a better offer from another team, "the Sixers will either have to match or come better. That’s the only way it’ll work out. Hopefully it works out to where I’m back on the team…"

Young, the 6'8" swingman, is a restricted free agent who Billy King drafted in 2007 out of Georgia Tech.  Avery Johnson has said, "Thaddeus Young is the MVP of that team" and Christophe Charlier, chairman of the Nets board, has said the Nets are prepared to front load contract offers for free agents they want to sign. Of course, nothing happens until after July 1 or a lockout.