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Barclays Wows Another ESPN Writer Who Calls It NBA "Game Changer"

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

When Chris Broussard visited the Barclays Center construction site back in May, the ESPN senior writer was so wowed, he said the Brooklyn arena "will certainly be the league’s finest arena."  That pales compared to how his ESPN colleague Rob Parker described it Thursday.

"My eyes popped and my heart picked up a few beats when I finally laid my eyes on this place that has been talked about for years, almost in mythical terms," he wrote. "it will be a showplace, the place that changes the game when it opens in September 2012."

"It's no exaggeration, no hype," Parker added. "A sports writer for 25 years and someone who has covered major events in just about every arena and stadium in this country, most venues don't wow me. This one, unfinished and all, did."