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Nets Draft Names Down To Four: Jackson, Harper, Smith, Goudelock?

Everybody has names, but no one has the name, the player at the top of the Nets list. A lot of pundits, beat reporters and draftniks think it's Justin Harper or Nolan Smith. Chad Ford hasn't relented (through three mock drafts) in his belief that it's Reggie Jackson of Boston College. And there's always someone no one's thought of.

Al Iannazzone and Fred Kerber both say the Nets are down to four names with Kerber specifically saying the four are Jackson, Harper, Smith and 6'3" Charleston sharpshooter Andrew Goudelock, in that order. The Star-Ledger's Zach Berman also hints it could be Jackson, a hyper athletic combo guard. "It’ll be a pretty good player," Billy King said. "In my mind, there’s probably four guys I really like. And I think one of the four will probably be there."

One thing everyone seems to agree on: the two players the Nets would trade for are Iman Shumpert of Georgia Tech and Nikola Vucevic of USC, but both are marching up the draft boards that count: the ones put together by general managers around the league. Iannazzone suggests one possible trading partner for the Nets could be the Rockets who pick at #14 and #23.

One concern about Jackson, Adrian Wojnarowski reports, is that he has refused to release his medical reports. He also hasn't worked out for anyone, not in individual workouts, not in group workouts, not in the Combine. Still, Woj reports, the Nets and Heat are interested.