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Will "Conversations" Lead to Draft Day Deals? King Says They Might

The names keep getting shuffled.  Iman Shumpert of Georgia Tech (who last year Nets officials were blaming for Derrick Favors' lack of development) is one who the Nets might trade up to get.  Justin Harper and Nolan Smith are the most mentioned, along with Josh Selby and JaJuan Johnson. How about Chandler Parsons?

And Billy King makes no pretense of being a shrinking violet on Draft Night, not with 14 trades in 10 years at the helm in Philadelphia and overall, a better record than his predecessor here and successor down there, as Fred Kerber points out. 

"There's been a lot of conversation," King told Al Iannazzone. "I think there'll be some things we'll have lined up.'' 

And as Iannazzone notes, those conversations may not be limited to moving up.  They could involve using present and future picks to "acquire young veteran help".  Avery Johnson, in Brooklyn, said the team will try to "grow our depth".

Bottom line: "I think when you win 24 ballgames, you've got a lot of holes to fill," King said. "We're not the Dallas Mavericks sitting there. They don't need to draft by need. They're pretty good. We've got a lot of areas we can fill... So you can't sit there and say, 'We need this.' We need a lot."