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Is CBA Settlement Within Reach? Two Sides Cite Movement, Differences

They keepl talking...and quite civilly.  There's been some "movement" on a number of key issues and no one is threatening to walk out, but both sides think they are still "very far apart" on key issues.  Still, for the first time, as Chris Sheridan tweets, "Seems settlement moving within reach".

Virtually everyone (truth be told, with the exception of Sheridan) has long believed ownership and the players association were headed for a lockout, possibly one that would cost the season. Now, there is cautious optimism it can be avoided. 

The two remain divided on a "hard cap", a split of income and length of the contract but they will meet again Friday and then again next Tuesday. The CBA expires June 30.

In key developments Tuesday, the players expressed a willingness to accept a reduction of several hundred million dollars in player salaries over the life of a five-year proposal and the owners responded with the idea of a "flex cap" system that would earmark at least $2 billion per season toward player salaries and retain both Bird Rights and the MLE.