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Woj: Nets in Mix for Hawks' Smith, Could Move Up for GT's Shumpert

Josh Smith is done with the Atlanta Hawks and both sides are looking for a new place for J-Smoove to call home. Although talks appear to be at an early stage, Smith reportedly told "league friends" the Nets, Rockets, Celtics and Magic are his preferred destinations. "The relationship has run its course," said one source.

Smith, 25, would be a difficult catch for the Nets because of the lack of tradeable assets on the roster.  The team is unlikely to move Deron Williams or Brook Lopez and Smith makes $12.5 million this season plus a 15% trade kicker. "Houston has long been intrigued with Smith, but like Orlando and New Jersey, also probably doesn’t have the right pieces to make a trade," writes Adrian Wojnarowski.

Meanwhile, Woj writes that the Nets, like many NBA teams, are becoming increasingly enamored with Georgia Tech's Iman Shumpert, a 6'5" shooting guard. "Perhaps no player is rising faster than Georgia Tech’s Iman Shumpert, who is suddenly on the Phoenix Suns’ short list at No. 13, " according to the Yahoo! writer "The Nets have had a strong interest in him, and he could be the player they’re trying to move up from No. 27 to get".