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D-Will Organizes Nets' Team Workout at Santa Barbara Training Site

Several Nets, including Deron Williams, were in Santa Barbara last week at Peak Performance Project, working out and spending time together. Two videos posted by P3 showed Williams, Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, Damion James and Travis Outlaw doing various exercises.

On Friday, Morrow tweeted that "this is the most time I've ever spent with a team I was on in my life, Its cool." A Nets insider said all players under contract attended and that Williams organized it. The only players under contract not seen in the videos are Johan Petro and Sundiata Gaines, who is hurt.

P3 has long been a favorite of the Utah Jazz. More than 15 Jazz players have participated in P3 programs and it has been endorsed by Jazz management. The group, which trains only "elite athletes", says its primary focus has been "personalized off-season prescriptions" to enhance "peak performance and injury prevention."