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King: It'll Be "Best Player Available"

Billy King gets a variation of the same question every day but he gives the same answer when asked who he's interested in. "You guys keep going around and about. I keep giving you the same answer," said King Monday.  That’s what he said he’d do at No. 27 in the first round and No. 36 on the second.

Otherwise, the Nets last group workout was uneventful. King called the only first round prospect, Georgia SG Travis Leslie, "strong, really, really strong". Notre Dame point guard (and second team All-American) Ben Hansbrough talked about how his brother, Tyler, has been a big help in the draft process. St. John's product Dwight Hardy spoke about how he plans to go to Europe if he can't get an NBA job. 

Among the others working out: Virginia shooting guard Mustapha Farrakhan, grandson of the Nation of Islam leader. The younger Farrakhan says his grandfather is a big sports fan who's been following his workouts.