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Did Jimmer Say He Wants the Nets? Or Did He Say the Jazz?

Perhaps Rich Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal misheard the conversation between Jimmer Fredette and Dan Patrick Monday morning. It happens. He reported that Fredette considers the Knicks "1A" in his preferences and the Nets "1B". Not so says Patrick's website. He did say the Knicks were "1A" but the JAZZ "1B"

He worked out for the the Nets and Knicks in May 2010 but wanted a promise, but didn't get one. So he went back to Brigham Young and won college Player of the Year.

Brozich reported Fredette, a native of Glens Falls (way) upstate New York. told Patrick, he prefers either of the two New York area teams to the Jazz, which set off a storm of fan reaction. The Knicks are indeed interested, but the Nets would have to trade way up to nab Fredette (if indeed they want him). He is generally seen as a late lottery pick.