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Construction Challenge at Barclays: The Weathered Steel Facade

ASI Limited
ASI Limited

You can call it the "skin" or "intricate metal lattice work facade". Whatever, it's the "architectural gesture" that may very well make or break the public image of Barclays Center, a design feature that attempts to mimic the brickwork of brownstone Brooklyn...and perhaps mitigate the conflict of scale critics have complained about.

The first of 900 "megapanels", each weighing 7,300 pounds, have arrived on site and will start being installed along Atlantic Avenue in the next few weeks. Neither the construction company nor the architect nor the facade manufacturer have given a firm date. Already, the start has been pushed back at least once on the $34 million engineering project whose cost also includes the blast-resistant curtain wall underneath.

Now, the the manufacturer, SHoP, the facade architect, and ASI Limited, the manufacturer, are providing new information, animations and galleries of images on the project, which SHoP Architects says must be fully coordinated "to mitigate the risk of such an innovative process".