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Howard Announces He Won't Sign Contract Extension Before July 1

Carmelo Anthony always wanted the money, the $64 million extension, and never made any bones about it.  He would have signed it with the Knicks or the Nets...and afterward said so. 

He believed it was too risky to go into this summer and an uncertain CBA without pen being drawn and used.

Dwight Howard has been in the same basic position all season...just didn't make an issue of it and no one pressed him.  He apparently is going to take the risk.  He said on Thursday that he will not be signing before July 1 and putting the Magic on notice they need to improve.

"I do want to win, make sure everything is in line: our team, just everything from top to bottom, everybody is reaching for a championship," he told reporters in Birmingham. "It can’t be me and a couple other guys. It’s gotta be the whole team — everybody on the staff. It’s the same goal: the championship attitude. As of right now, I don’t plan to be anywhere else besides Orlando," he said.  Fans think the Magic have a year to fill that goal. Maybe.