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Nets Look for Experience in Picks

Jon Leuer, Malcolm Lee and Vernon Macklin excelled inside the Nets individual workout No. 1 Thursday and that's to be expected, all are from big programs, two are seniors, the other a junior.  As Billy King has said more than once , that's the kind of player he'll be looking for if he stays at #27 and #36 and doesn't move up.

Not that the individual workout will mean a lot in the final mix on Draft Night.  "As I was talking to (Nets scouting chief)  Gregg Polinsky, I said you guys didn’t work out Brook Lopez and you drafted him," King noted. "In Philly we didn’t work out [Kyle] Korver, didn’t work out Nazr [Mohammed]. That’s why you do your homework. Our scouts have been out. We’ve been out so you don’t just rely on this as your basis for drafting."

Meanwhile, King gave medical updates on the three Nets who underwent surgery since August: Sundiata Gaines (hip); Deron Williams (right wrist) and Brook Lopez (right arm): "At this point there is nothing that has us concerned," King said.