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How Jimmer Almost Became a Net

A year ago May, a rising star out of Brigham Young dropped by the PNY Center with his father to work out and talk about the 2010 Draft. The Nets had three first round picks and Jimmer Fredette was looking for a guarantee Rod Thorn would call his name on Draft Night. The Nets liked what they saw but no go on a guarantee.

"Rod gave an promise to Zoran (Planinic) in 2003 and regretted it because someone fell," said a Nets insider. "After that, he refused to give anyone a guarantee. We could have had him." Fredette had the same fruitless conversations with three other teams: the Knicks, who had two second rounds; the Thunder who had three first round picks and the Celtics who had a mid-first and a second.

Fredette went back to school and became College Player of the Year. The Nets used two of their picks, a first and a second, to move up and take Damion James. Fredette is likely to go in the lottery this year, maybe even top ten.