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Nick Young: The Farmar Connection

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Nick Young is a restricted free agent this summer.  The 6'7" swingman averaged 17.4 ppg and shot 39% from deep, a rare combination of athleticism and shooting skills. Although the Wizards want him back, he will get offers. If he gets one from the Nets, they may have an advantage: Jordan Farmar.

In an interview with ESPN Los Angeles, the native Angelino talks about his friendship with Farmar, once teammates on an LA travel team, then high school and college rivals. It was Christmas of his junior year in high school when the friendship really blossomed. He received a package from Farmar. In it, were SAT prep books that Farmar said had helped him.

"And he had a note that said 'you need this opportunity because you're a great player and a great person. Anything I can do, I want to help and I want you to take full advantage of it'," Young told Andy Kamenetsky. "The letter blew me away." Since that day, Young added, "we've stayed the best of friends".