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Nets Draft List Getting Shorter: Johnson, Selby and Smith Targets

Sports Xchange, which provides those game day "Getting Inside" reports, is hinting that JaJuan Johnson of Purdue, Josh Selby of Kansas and Nolan Smith of Duke are among the players the Nets are targeting as they get closer to Thursday's draft, where they pick at #27 and #36.

Johnson, a hyper athletic big man who projects as a perimeter player in the NBA; USC seven-footer Nikola Vucevic; and 6'9" Georgia Tech power forward Trey Thompkins, top the big men, according to the report.  Smith who filled in for Kyrie Irving at Duke; and Selby who went from the nation's top high school player to a projected bubble pick in the first round, top the "athletes".

For specialists, Ohio State shooter Jon Diebler and Duke’s Kyle Singler, "who lacks athleticism but simply knows how to play".  They are more likely second round considerations.