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Wright Reveals He Didn't Care Much While a Member of the Nets

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Antoine Wright shouldn't have sat for an interview with Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated.  He's trying for a comeback, but by the end of the Amick article, he leaves little to recommend himself. Beyond bizarre complaints that Mario Elie got him cut by the Kings, he talks about how he didn't try very hard with the Nets.

Amick writes, "he readily admits a lack of work ethic and poor attitude hurt him during the early years with the Nets," quoting Wright now as saying, "In the beginning you have to have a different attitude about your work ethic, your professionalism and your communication. It's not college anymore. You can't throw a tantrum, and you can't not come in and want to work. It's not about the team; it's about you."

Wright was never worked out, never interviewed by the Nets before he was drafted in 2005. In his rookie season, the #15 pick played only 39 games, averaging 1.8 ppg and never came close to fulfilling his potential as wing scorer and defender. It's a cautionary tale a week before the Draft.