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Honeycutt Doesn't Shoot Well, But Still Stands Out On Thursday

UCLA's Tyler Honeycutt, a projected first rounder, was clearly the best player at the Nets' facility on Thursday, even though he didn't shoot very well. It was Honeycutt's third workout in as many days, so fatigue may have been a factor

"Talking to other GM’s he had good workouts some places, other places he didn’t," Billy King said. "So, trust me, he’s in the mix."

The Nets just don't know if Honeycutt will be there when they pick at No. 27 in a week. The other players in Thursday's workout, including three guys with local ties, may still be there when it's time to draft for the Springfield Armor.

It was the next to last workout for the Nets.  Their last workout will be Monday. No word on who's been invited.