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As Draft Picture Clears for King, Tyler's Potential Attracts Attention

Billy King thinks that with only a week and a day left, "the picture is getting clearer''on who the Nets will target at #27 and #36, unless they decide to do a deal, and he admits, they might. "I think you may see a lot more trades happening draft day because a player may not be there and people want to get rid of their picks."

Meanwhile, the order of the day was length and one player more than others had it, in terms of height (6'11") and how long his journey has been and where it's taken him.

In 2009, Jeremy Tyler was rated higher than Harrison Barnes, Kyrie Irving, Terrence Jones, Perry Jones or Jared Sullinger.  He had committed to Louisville, then decided to play in Israel at age 17.

The results were predictable and now, he's fighting to be picked in the first round.  He was one of four bigs in the Nets workout Wednesday, but was the one who attracted the most attention, mainly because he has the most upside and the most red flags.  As he has at previous workouts, Tyler said he didn't regret what he did because it helped him grow, but explained how his immaturity hurt him.  He is not inarticulate about it all.

Meanwhile, Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw give their opinion on who might help the Nets.