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Kim Talks to Jay About Kris, The Ring, The Pre-Nup, The Wedding

The Dallas Mavericks can debate whether they should get rings or, as Mark Cuban prefers, bracelets for their NBA title.  The Nets have their own the ring, the one Kris Humphries gave Kim Kardashian, that $2 million, 20.5-carat job that has become the engagement ring of the year!  Even on Jay Leno!

Kim was on with Leno Tuesday night to discuss her engagement, his proposal, their prenuptial agreement and tabloid rumors as well as the ring and of course Kris and the Nets.  There was also news about their wedding registry (you too can find a gift for the lovely couple!) and Kris trying out wedding suits at an L.A. shop. Cameras on.

Meanwhile, Billy King said the hoopla over K and K love affair is not a "distraction." It's not a big deal, says King.  Ever the romantic, he added, "They're in love!" He said the team hasn't even gotten to the point where there's been a discussion about letting "Keeping Up with Kardashians" into the PNY Center.