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Bigs In Wednesday for Workouts

The Nets will have four of the top big men in Wednesday for workouts, including Jeremy Tyler of Tokyo Apache, JaJuan Johnson of Purdue, Jordan Williams of Maryland and Keith Benson of Oakland. All have been projected at around #27 or later and all but Benson are likely to be power forwards in the NBA. Filling out the workout roster are Big East guards Austin Freeman of Georgetown and Brad Wanamaker of Pitt.

Tyler and Benson are 6'11", while Johnson and Williams are listed one incher shorter. Tyler has been one of the draft's more intriguing stories. Ranked the nation's No. 1 high school junior in 2009, he left San Diego for Maccabi Haifa where he wound up with a reputation as a malcontent and quit the team, returning to the US.

After a solid performance last year in a European camp, he hooked up with former Spurs coach Bob Hill in Tokyo and turned things around. He calls Hill, who also coached Avery Johnson in San Antonio, his "father-figure". Chad Ford reports Nets have interest in him and Purdue's Johnson.