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Deron Williams as Net a Top Seller at NBA's Photo Store

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Everyone knows one way to measure a player's popularity and fan loyalty is to check how many people are buying their uniform jerseys.  But those sales figures are a bit disingenuous. They don't count retail sales, just those sold online or at the NBA Store in New York.  There is another way, however.

The NBA Photo Store sells images of NBA players exclusively on line and it like the NBA store keeps track of the most popular images, just s the NBA Store keeps track of the most popular jerseys. 'At No. 1 and No. 2 are images of Kevin Durant and at No. 3 is an image of Deron Williams dribbling downcourt in a Nets jersey.  The rest of the top 10 are predictable and after this week, they might change.  But as of Tuesday morning, that D-Will image is more popular than any of Miami's Big Three or the World Champion Mavericks.