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Ratner Adds Second Shift at Arena as Nets Push Progress in Press

JR Tallent
JR Tallent

Even though Barclays Center is a month ahead of schedule, Forest City Ratner this week added a second shift, putting workers on the site up to 11 pm. Some work is already being done on weekends. Meanwhile, the Nets have been giving journalists site tours on an almost daily basis, pushing the arena's progress in the media.

Moreover, there are now seven Deron Williams-themed billboards dotting Brooklyn, most along  Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, where Barclays is located. It's a way to draw attention not just to the arena and ticket sales, but the team's commitment to quality...and Williams.

The latest tour --as always run by Barry Baum of the franchise's PR staff-- was for SLAM's Kyle Stack, who wrote as much about the arena's architectural and engineering features --"much of the building’s weight is in the roof"-- as he did about the arena's plans to host both the NCAA and NIT, add indoor tennis and introduce college hockey to New York.