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Howard: "I Want To Be Free Agent"

Dwight Howard has reiterated that he isn't signing an extension with the Magic before July 1, possibly risking tens of millions of dollars in future earnings on top of what might be lost in a lockout.

In talking to reporters Monday, including Scott Howard-Cooper of, Howard said he wants to be a free agent at the end of his contract a year from June 30. Howard said he has met with the Magic ownership last week and expressed concerns about teammates, fans and the atmosphere at the NBA's newest arena, the Amway Center. In short, he said that while he wants to stay in Orlando, if the Magic don't win a title next season, he's likely to change his address. Howard spoke to reporters at the Adidas Eurocamp in Italy, after visiting Moscow.

While not an ultimatum, Howard's comments suggest that like Carmelo Anthony before him, the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year is putting high, perhaps even unreasonable, demands on ownership.

The two year extension, which has been on the table since last summer, will expire along with the collective bargaining agreement come July 1. With owners pushing for smaller, shorter and less guaranteed contracts, Howard is risking tens of millions...unless he agrees to a sign-and-trade before then.

Meanwhile, the Nets posted their own video of Howard with the Nets Dancers on the dancers' blog.