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Cuban: "Do You Think We Won That Trade Yet?"

It was Mark Cuban's turn to crow Sunday night...on a lot of things, from the Big Three to Miami's fans to the 2008 trade that send a 25-year-old point guard, two first round picks and a young defensive minded seven-footer to New Jersey for a 35-year-old believed to be on his last legs, cranky and estranged.

"Do you think we won that trade yet?" Cuban yelled out after midnight, getting back at all those who thought the deal, which cost him $11 million, was a bad deal.  And in the first year and a half, it indeed looked like a bad deal, with Harris blossoming into an all-Star and Jason Kidd failing in the first round.

But on Sunday, there was no one who thought Cuban lost the trade, not with Jason Kidd holding up the O'Brien Trophy and Devin Harris an afterthought.

As one critic of the trade wrote, "Even if Harris develops into a title-winning guard in Utah, which won't happen, but let's say it does - this trade is a success. No one saw this coming.